NFPA 1851 mandates using a Laundry Textile Sanitizer to pass the 2020 edition NFPA 1851 Verification for cleaning for Independent Service Providers (ISPs). BacStop™ is a concentrated, ready-to-use liquid fabric sanitizer. BacStop™ leaves behind a finish that isboth self-sanitizing and bacteriostatic. 

Used in the final rinse, BacStop™ continually eliminates 99.9% of infectious bacteria and remains active on textile surface, continuing to aid in the prevention of crosscontamination from both Gram Negative bacteria (ie. Klebsiella pneumonia) and Gram Positive bacteria (ie. Staph – a major cause of hospital acquired (nosocomial) and Community Acquired infections), providing protection throughout the use cycle of the uniforms, linens and other textiles.

Safety Suds used in conjunction with BacStop has been used to successfully pass the 2020 edition of NFPA 1851 verification for advance cleaning and sanitization.