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A Legacy of Firefighter Safety

Inspired and endorsed by the legend who originally created the Reed Hood, Captain Clifford Reed, the CRL Hood represents a breakthrough in firefighter safety and technology. Engineered with a layered composite, this innovative hood offers unmatched protection against extreme heat and hazardous environments.


Unlike traditional knit-based hoods, the CRL Hood is designed to give superior thermal protection while allowing easy doffing post-fire.

1-Front of Hood sm.png
1-Side of Hood-sm.png

Certified to meet NFPA 1971-2018 standards, it not only withstands the rigors of structural firefighting but also enhances comfort and mobility.


The CRL Hood has been rigorously tested to endure over 100 wash cycles and can easily be repaired, ensuring a long lifespan. Developed through extensive field testing and feedback from seasoned firefighters, the CRL Hood is a testament to our commitment to delivering the highest level of safety and performance, truly befitting the legend:


Material Specifications

OUTER LAYER - Pioneer with Free FAS finish
MIDDLE LAYER - Stedair 3000
INNER LAYER - Chambray Pure
LOWER DRAPE - 2 layers of 49% Modacrylic/29%Lyocell/20% Twaron/2% Spandex


CRL-S - works with 3M/Scott AV-3000, AV-3000 HT, or C5 SCBA facepiece (Size S, M, and L) only.
CRL-M - for MSA G1 Facepieces (not currently available)

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