SUDZ-IT EV Utility Nozzle 

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The patent-pending SUDZ-IT EV Nozzle is the first of its kind, designed to be slid under burning objects, to help cool them down and extinguish stubborn fires.

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The SUDZ-IT Utility Nozzle allows for water to be sprayed in even the tightest spaces. This low-profile nozzle is perfect for electric vehicles to spray an even coverage of water under the vehicle, give you less than 8 inches of clearance. It allows you to distribute the water evenly and exactly, where it is most effective to cool the vulnerable and inaccessible part of the vehicle, the battery pack.

Using the SUDZ-IT EV Utility Nozzle makes every precious drop of water count, and do its job – Cool and Extinguish. 

The SUDZ-IT Utility Nozzle incorporates a set of skids, attached to the nozzle, to make placement easier and comes standard with 2 x 3-foot extension pipes fitted with a curtain nozzle, to help protect the fire fighters setting it in place.  Once in place, the nozzles allows Fire fighters to operate at a safe distance.


The spray pattern has been engineered to cover a space of 8 ft by 16 ft.


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SUDZ-IT Utility Nozzle:

• 12” Long x 9” Wide x 2 ½” High, - Weight 4 Pounds
• EV nozzle is factory calibrated 70 GPM  at 100 PSI at the nozzle.
• Custom GPM calibration is available.

Extension Tubes:

1 x 40” Long x 8” Wide (at the skid) x 6” high (at the fan nozzle)  -  Weight 6 Pounds

• 1 x 40” long x 1.5” wide x 1.5” High  -  Weight 4 pounds​


Poles-transparebt bkgrnd.png

The SUDZ-IT EV Utility Nozzle can be used in the following applications:

• Electric Vehicle fires
• Scooter battery fires
• Traditional engine fires
• Pallet fires
• Cooling LP tanks
• As a decon nozzle
• As a decon shower head
• Over hauling furniture
• Wetting a fire break
• Overhauling tight areas