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Introducing the VIKCTIM Drag Strap: A Game-Changer in Victim Rescue


Tired of struggling with grip and victim removal during high-stress rescue situations? Say hello to the VIKCTIM Drag Strap, the first-ever VIKCTIM Protective Equipment (VPE) designed specifically for firefighters!


Developed by a dedicated team of Kansas City firefighters, the VIKCTIM Drag Strap is here to revolutionize the way you save lives. Forget about traditional PPE; our VPE is engineered to safely and easily extract victims in the most challenging conditions.


Key Features:


One size fits most

Two separate adjustment points for optimal fit

Non-intrusive magnetic pull tab attachment at sleeve cuff

Made in the Ozarks, USA

Crafted with mostly UL certified components


Unlike the Drag Rescue Device, which is designed to save downed firefighters, the VIKCTIM Drag Strap focuses on the most important part of your job: saving victims. Experience improved grip, swift victim removal, and the satisfaction of knowing you're using equipment tailored to your needs.


Your investment in the VIKCTIM Drag Strap is protected by our six-month limited warranty, covering materials and craftsmanship. For complete warranty terms and conditions, please visit our warranty page.


Upgrade your rescue equipment today with the VIKCTIM Drag Strap – the ultimate addition to your firefighting arsenal.

Vikctim Drag Strap

  • The VIKCTIM Drag Strap is designed to be worn between the outer shell and thermal liner of your turnout coat and deploy out of the sleeve. As such, the VIKCTIM Drag Strap will only work in turnout gear models that feature a pass-through liner attachment which allows the VDS to be deployed from within the coat. If the sleeve design is such as to not allow the pass-through of the VIKCTIM Drag Strap between the thermal liner and outer shell, IT WILL NOT WORK. Please check your sleeve liner attachments beforehand!

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