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Safety Suds Bunker Gear Detergent

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Formulated to clean the most harmful
hydrocarbons and soils. Gentle on your turnout gear and station wear.


Safety Suds Bunker Gear Liquid Detergent was originally formulated in 1969 by the first cleaning and care facility in Texas to clean oil refinery fire brigade bunker gear.  This was to ensure there were no hydrocarbons, toxins, or other flammable material left and has since been used to clean hundreds of thousands of sets of the dirtiest bunker gear.

Today, Safety Suds is trusted by multiple ISPs to pass the NFPA 1851:2020 Edition 3rd party verification requirements and trusted by major Metro departments across the country to clean the most contaminated bunker gear.

Although designed to clean the toughest job, Safety Suds is still gentle enough to clean your station wear.

One gallon jug Safety Suds

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Used by the Pro's to pass the 2020 edition NFPA 1851 Verification for cleaning for Independent Service Providers (ISPs) so you have the confidence Safety Suds performs as advertised.

Safety Suds is NFPA 1851 Compliant and is safe for all gear components. There are no residual odors and Safety Suds Bunker Gear Liquid Detergent safely cleans all outer shell fabrics, thermal liners, moisture barriers, reflective trims, arashield, suede, leather, hardware, knee pads and Taylor's Tins.

1 Gallon Jug Safety Suds
5 gallon pail - safety suds

Available in:

1 gallon

5 gallons

SAFETY SUDS Instructions for Use

NFPA 1851 mandates using a Laundry Textile Sanitizer to pass the 2020 edition NFPA 1851 Verification for cleaning for Independent Service Providers (ISPs). Sentinel Suds™ is a concentrated, ready-to-use liquid fabric sanitizer. Sentinel Suds™ leaves behind a finish that is both self-sanitizing and bacteriostatic. 

Used in the final rinse, Sentinel Suds™ continually eliminates 99.9% of infectious bacteria and remains active on textile surface, continuing to aid in the prevention of cross contamination from both Gram Negative bacteria (ie. Klebsiella pneumonia) and Gram Positive bacteria (ie. Staph – a major cause of hospital acquired (nosocomial) and Community Acquired infections), providing protection throughout the use cycle of the uniforms, linens and other textiles.

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