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The Toxic Suppression Team was developed to take advantage of each members skill set and passion around First Responder Safety. Having  managing members with experience in all disciplines from end user, customer service, supply chain, manufacturing, and sales and marketing allows a key focus on First Responder safety, while being able to quickly bring quality products to market. 

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Will is a veteran of the United States Marines has spent over 20 years in the First Responder/Military markets.  His passion is helping First Responders stay safe and healthy and believes that it is important to create easy solutions for first responders to meet the demands of the ever changing Fire, EMS, Police, and Military markets.  Will is proud of the fact he has worked on every continent throughout the world with the exception of Antarctica.  He currently serves on the Town of Turin, GA City Planning Committee and his hobbies include hiking, travelling, and spending time with his wife Lena of 12 years.

Will Lawson
Scott Hacker

Andrew Geue

Vice President Innovation and Technology

Andrew has been involved in the Emergency Services for the last 30 years. He has been a volunteer in the State Emergency Service, South Australia, retiring as a Deputy Unit Manager for Murray Bridge, in 2006. He has also be working in the emergency service industry, designing and manufacturing Fire and Rescue Vehicles and equipment for over 25 Years, in Australia and the USA.  Andrew specializes in rapid prototype and commercialization of products, including CAFS pump systems, Solid Wetter, Remote controlled rewind hose reels, Slip on units, Falling Object Protection systems, high expansion foam delivery systems, and air purification products.  In 2020, Andrew joined the Rio Volunteer Fire Department in Wisconsin and has qualified as a Driver operator.  Andrew bring a wealth of experience, innovation, and customer focus to the Toxic team.


Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Scott brings over 15 years of experience in firefighter safety and over 20 combined in the safety products industry.  With experience at both the distribution and manufacturing level, he is fulfilling his dream of bringing innovative products to the end user to promote health and safety.   Scott reveres First Responders and he has spent his career serving those who serve.   He enjoys fishing and travelling along with spending time with his wife Carrie.

Andrew Geue
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