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A Game-Changer in Victim Rescue

The first-ever VIKCTIM Protective Equipment (VPE) designed specifically for firefighters!

Designed to make rescue operations simpler, faster and safer. It is the only strap on the market that is strong enough to drag a person out of danger in any environment.

Developed by a dedicated team of Kansas City firefighters, the VIKCTIM Drag Strap is here to revolutionize the way you save lives.


Forget about traditional PPE; our VPE (VIKCTIM Protective Equipment) is engineered to safely and easily extract victims in the most challenging conditions.

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The Vikctim Drag Strap focuses on the most important part of your job: saving victims. Experience improved grip, swift victim removal, and the satisfaction of knowing you're using equipment tailored to your needs.


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Kneeling in Burning Building VIKCTIM DRAG STRAP
Vikctim Drag Upright VIKCTIM DRAG STRAP


  • One size fits most

  • Two separate adjustment points for optimal fit

  • Non-intrusive magnetic pull tab attachment at sleeve cuff

  • Made in the Ozarks, USA

  • Crafted primarily with components UL certified to NFPA 1971

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At Toxic Suppression, we believe that no one should ever be stuck in a dangerous situation due to a lack of emergency equipment. That’s why we’ve partnered with Suppression Gear to offer the VIKCTIM Drag Strap, a revolutionary product that allows you to quickly and safely extract an injured person from an unsafe environment.​

  • Your investment in the VIKCTIM Drag Strap is protected by our six-month limited warranty, covering materials and craftsmanship. For complete warranty terms and conditions, please visit our warranty page.

  • Upgrade your rescue equipment today with the VIKCTIM Drag Strap – the ultimate addition to your firefighting arsenal.

Ready to elevate your rescue game? Don't wait any longer! Hit the "Order Now" button now and be among the first to experience the life-saving power of the VIKCTIM Drag Strap.


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